Anthony McLean is a rapper, YouTuber and motivational speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations across Canada, the U.S. and Australia. He combines powerful teaching, practical strategies, and Hip Hop music for a high-energy presentation that audiences love. Anthony’s favourite topics are Leadership, Mental Health, and Bullying. As a respected voice in his field, he has appeared as a guest speaker on Breakfast Television, Global Toronto’s Morning Show, CTV News, 680 News, and CBC’s Here and Now

Anthony is also an actor who can be recognized from commercials for Ford, Milk, Tim Horton’s, Sprite, Verizon Wireless and Bell. He hosted the CBC show, The X, and was featured in documentary films Colour Me, SOAR, and Rising Above. As for theatre, Anthony tread the boards of the renowned Stratford Festival where he developed a passion for Shakespeare that remains with him to this day.

Prior to all of this, Anthony was the class clown in the back row giving teachers a hard time. His Grade 10 report card read: “Anthony has lots of potential but he’s wasting it cracking jokes for other students.” He now uses that feedback to it’s full potential by cracking jokes for students, parents, and community leaders around the world as he delivers powerful talks on Leadership, Mental Health, and Bullying.


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