The amazing part was how well he connected. The audience chanted along, believed what he was saying, and really understood the message.
— Manny Makris - Instructor Business Administration - CDI College Toronto


Healthy mind, healthy body! Healthy students are better able to focus in class and behave in the hallway. 

This presentation equips students with PRACTICAL STRATEGIES they can use to MANAGE the STRESS and pressure that comes with high school. Students are encouraged to “take one step” when it comes to exercise, sleep and nutrition. This presentation also breaks the stigma around MENTAL HEALTH issues. Why can we talk to our doctor about a physical ailment and not a mental one?


  • How nutrition plays a vital role in our mental health
  • Why drinking enough water is so important
  • How sleep affects our mind and emotions
  • How exercise ties in to overall mental health
  • Why comparing our lives to what we see on social media is so destructive 


“Man Up”. “Boys don’t cry”. Society has impressed unrealistic expectations on young men. It’s time to break the stigma and teach boys what being a man is all about.

This is an empowering and challenging presentation that calls on students to critically examine their ideas around masculinity. The presentation aims to break the hyper-masculine image which is at the root of so much aggression among young men.


  • Self-regulation as an essential aspect of masculinity
  • Teach ways to manage conflict without resorting to violence
  • Dispel myths around sexual consent 
  • Help men understand the devastating impact of sexual violence on victims and perpetrators 
  • Deconstruct the black male stereotype as perpetuated in media and culture. 


Whether you are in accounting or the arts, an entrepreneur or employee, your attitude will open and close more doors for you than you may realize.

This “Character and Careers” presentation is an upbeat and light-hearted approach to a critical reality: a solid character is one of your greatest allies in the global workforce. Perseverance, optimism, authenticity, responsibility, teamwork, drive… these aren’t just static words that make for tacky office posters. These are the sink-or-swim characteristics of a 21st century worker. We approach this topic through the comedic lens of Anthony’s experiences as an actor. He recounts stories from botched auditions, missed opportunities, short-lived successes and long-lived failures in a funny and inspirational talk about hard work, pursuing your dreams and the importance of being a person of character.


  • Why it is important to be respectful of everyone on the workplace (not just the “important” people!)
  • Why “adding value” at your workplace is one of the most important things you can do for your career
  • How having a positive attitude will open doors for future opportunities
  • How to make the most of the opportunities that come your way
  • Why some people miss out on opportunities because they are scared of hard work


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