His message around bullying is all about how each and every student can make a difference in their school Community. Anthony’s work combines the best of entertainment and education. From Kindergarten to Grade 8 our students were entirely engaged in his presentations.
— Chris Russell - Principal - Fieldcrest Public School - SCDSB


Our bullying presentations are upbeat and high impact! We use audience interaction, comedy, pop culture and “freestyle” raps to keep students engaged. We distinguish between bullying and conflict because we don’t want students thinking that every conflict is an episode of bullying.

We provide bystanders with practical strategies to tackle bullying effectively. We teach students to:

STAND UP to the bully when it is safe
REACH OUT to targets of bullying and isolated peers
TELL SOMEONE when another student is being hurt

We have found that the best way to communicate to students is to speak to them on their level. The ideal way to teach a primary student may be the most ineffective way to address an intermediate student! As such, we have a maximum age spread of 4 years in each presentation. For example, we can do Grades 1-4 in one presentation and Grades 5-8 in a second presentation. We cannot do Grades 1-8 in a single presentation (even for small schools) because the age spread is just too much. For K-8 schools, we have had great success in conducting two separate assemblies: Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-8. 

Since Anthony’s visit, we have been able to use his message when talking with individuals and small groups of students about their relationships with one another. They readily recall Anthony’s words and one of his most important pieces of advice - ‘if you’re doing nothing, you are part of the problem.’
— Susan Calder, Principal, Cookstown Central Public School, SCDSB


This is for Grade 4-8 only

Making good choices now directly impacts the future. Give students the best tools to maximize their potential.

This presentation challenges every student to be a positive leader in their circle of influence. It also helps them understand how their actions impact their future. This presentation features powerful stories of youths who made bad choices and ended up in serious trouble, as well as students who made good choices and ended up making their school a better place for everyone. Students are encouraged to think before they act and not to fall into negative peer pressure. 


  • Why it is so important to be a leader and not just a follower
  • How to avoid the trap of falling into peer pressure
  • How being a positive influence on social media can help open doors with Colleges, Universities, and job opportunities


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