everyone stutters: Music video


Project: Everyone Struggles Music Video

Union Status: Non-Union

Pay: $200

Contact: Nina Miller: nina@anthonymclean or text Nina at: 647-323-3358

Shoot Dates: October 24th, 25th, and 28th (One Day only)

Audition Date: Saturday, October 13th, 2018 12PM - 4PM

Audition Location: Stature Films, 67 Mowat Ave #029, Toronto, ON M6K 3E3

*Note building door will be locked on the weekend. If no one is there to greet you please text the number above.

**You can ignore the reserved parking signs. You are allowed to park in front of the building on weekends.

This is a music video for the song “Everyone Struggles” by rapper and motivational speaker Anthony McLean. The song tells the story of a variety of characters who are each facing their own struggle. We are holding auditions for three characters:

Heartbroken Mother (Any ethnicity. Age range 35-50)
1-day shoot. This mother has been evicted from her home and is living in a run down motel with her kids. She gets a phone call from the police saying her teenage son has been arrested and she breaks down in tears.

Soldier’s Wife (Any Ethnicity. Age range 30-40)
1-day shoot. This character has just found out that her husband, a soldier, has died overseas. She doesn’t know how to break the news to her six-year old daughter. We see her crying in public and trying to hide her tears. And we see her tucking her daughter into bed and saying prayers with her. Then she crawls into bed beside her little girl. We need an actress who can go deep emotionally and show us the pain of losing a husband.
*If talent has a daughter between 5-8 years old, please bring her along!

Soldier’s Daughter (Any Ethnicity. Age range 5-8 years old)
1-day shoot. This is the little girl who doesn’t know that her father, a soldier, has died overseas. She has a happy and sunny disposition. In the music video, she draws a picture of an airplane, so we need a girl who can also draw!
*This role is unpaid.

For your audition, please prepare the following silent monologue.  

She sits on the edge of the motel bed and looks around the dreary room. This is home now. It is depressing. She rises and walks to the window — maybe some sunlight will brighten things up. Opening the curtains to let the light in, she looks around again. Not even the sun can brighten this room. Reality sinks in — this is home and this is hard. But she is resilient. She starts making the bed and tidying up the room. She will make the most of it. Her phone rings. She answers. It’s the police. Her teenage son has been arrested for selling drugs. This is her breaking point. It’s too much. She sobs uncontrollably.

The soldier’s wife walks down a grocery aisle placing items in a basket. She stops and picks up a can of soup. She freezes with the can in her hand as she remembers… this was her husband’s favourite soup. Now that he is gone, she doesn’t need to buy it anymore. She places the can back on the shelf and tries to move on… but the emotion grips her and she breaks down in tears. After a few moments, she tries to focus on the groceries. She fights back tears as she grabs a few more items.

For this character, you can either come to the audition OR you can make a video of the girl showing us a picture she drew and explaining why she drew the picture. You can email that video to: nina@anthonymclean.org

To request an audition, please e-mail picture and resume (or cover letter) to: nina@anthonymclean.org