Anthony McLean




“Our teachers absolutely LOVED him. They said he was relatable, inspirational, and many
have committed to making big changes in their classrooms as we start the new school year.”
Tiffany Stephens, Equity Conference Coordinator, Corona-Norco Unified School District, California

"I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dynamic, inspirational speaker."
- Aldo Petrucci, Principal, Toronto District School Board

"The MOST dynamic speaker I’ve yet to see! Anthony is entertaining, engaging and relatable."
- Antonella Kalaitzis, Guidance Counselor, Peel District School Board

“He is by far the best speaker I have heard in years.”
- Frank Dallacorte, Principal, York Catholic District School Board

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presentations that teachers love!

Anthony LOVES teachers and staff who work with kids. Why? Because it was teachers who believed in him when he was a trouble-making class clown! It was teachers who told him he was actually a leader who just needed an outlet for all of his energy! Anthony uses humor and passion to inspire teachers to continue to pour their best into every student in their lives!



This is an encouraging, morale-boosting talk to inspire teachers who give their best every day. Teachers and administrators are often overwhelmed with bureaucracy, curriculum, difficult students (and even more difficult parents!) and sometimes feel burnt out by the end of the week. In the midst of a busy year, it is easy to forget that the daily interactions we have with students are sometimes the most valuable moments of our day. In this laugh-out-loud presentation, Anthony tells funny and inspiring stories about the teachers who changed his life by acknowledging his effort, encouraging his strengths, and pushing him to give his best. Every teacher needs this reminder: the reward for not giving up on our students is the ability to make a difference and change the world one student at a time.

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This upbeat and interactive presentation helps Teachers, Caregivers, and Youth Workers to think through their role in creating a climate that engages youth in a meaningful way. Youth who know they have a caring adult looking out for them are more likely to succeed in school and less likely to be involved in crime, drugs, and gangs. But how do we ensure that every child in our classroom feels “felt” and seen by us? How do we create caring classrooms where kids are engaged? This presentation will give youth workers practical strategies to help youth feel welcome and celebrated.  Overall, it is a passionate plea for teachers and caregivers to see the powerful role they play in shaping the lives of kids.

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