Anthony McLean




"This was the best presentation I have seen in my 22 years in teaching."
- Benny Perrino, Teacher, Halton District School Board

"The students said you were the most charismatic speaker they have ever heard."
- Carol Evans, Guidance Counselor, Toronto District School Board

"From Kindergarten to Grade 8 our students were entirely engaged in his presentations."
- Chris Russell, Principal, Simcoe County District School Board

"Anthony's workshops have had a significant impact on our school.
I would wholeheartedly welcome him back anytime."
- Greg Farrell, Principal, York Region District School Board

"The MOST dynamic speaker I’ve yet to see! Anthony is entertaining, engaging and relatable."
- Antonella Kalaitzis, Guidance Counselor, Peel District School Board

“He is by far the best speaker I have heard in years.”
- Frank Dallacorte, Principal, York Catholic District School Board

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presentations that students love!

Anthony uses HIP-HOP MUSIC and STAND-UP COMEDY to help kids build safe and friendly schools:



Every student plays a role in making their school a safe and welcoming place. In this engaging and lively presentation, Anthony gives students actionable strategies for building a POSITIVE CULTURE at school.

Learning Outcomes:

- EMPOWERS BYSTANDERS with practical steps they can take when they see someone being bullied

- Helps students understand the difference between BULLYING and CONFLICT

- Shows students the damage that SOCIAL BULLYING (gossip, rumours and drama between students) has on school culture

- Challenges students to “think before they click” when posting content to SOCIAL MEDIA

For K-8 schools, we have had great success in conducting two separate assemblies: Grades K-3 and Grades 4-8.*

*We have found that the best way to communicate to students is to speak to them on their level. The ideal way to teach a primary student may be the most ineffective way to address an intermediate student! As such, we like to have a maximum age spread of 5 years in each presentation. For example, we can do Kindergarden to Grade 3 in one presentation and Grades 4-8 in a second presentation. We cannot do Kindergarden to Grade 6 in a single presentation (even for small schools) because of the wide age spread.

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