Anthony McLean would be an asset to any school community or any parent community. I would highly recommend him.
— Krista Benedetti - Principal - Tiger Jeet Singh Elementary School - HCDSB

Raising Confident Kids & Resilient Teens - 90 minutes

Our job as parents is to raise confident, self-reliant teens who can navigate their way through the adult world.

We will cover everything from handing over responsibility to teens, how to handle a crisis, when to coach and when to listen, how to get reluctant teens to talk about their problems, how to mend strained relationships and more. 


  • How to support a teen through a crisis
  • How to hand responsibility over to our kids/teens so they are ready for the real world
  • Creative ways to reconnect with teens who have become emotionally distant

Bullying and Conflict - At School and Online - 90 minutes

We don’t always know what our kids are going through at school or online. Help keep them safe even when you’re not around. 

Helps parents understand the difference between bullying and normal childhood conflict. Parents will learn how to give their kids practical strategies for dealing with bullies. Filled with video clips, practical strategies, and real world examples, this presentation will help parents keep their kids and teens safe at school and online. 


  • How to set healthy boundaries for being online
  • What to do if your child is being bullied
  • What to do if your child is a bully
  • How to help your child deal with mean kids 
  • The right (and wrong) way to communicate concerns to the school


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Anthony’s workshops have had a significant impact on our school. He has a profound ability to connect with people and share strategies that help to create a safe environment for all. He was equally impactful while working with parents and members from our community. I would wholeheartedly welcome him back to our school anytime.
— Greg Farrell - Principal - Louis-Honore Frechette - YRDSB
This year Anthony presented to our students and the response from staff and students has been overwhelming. His bullying prevention message echoes the values of our Safe Schools team and helps students understand their role in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. I would recommend him to any school looking for a dynamic, energetic and inspirational speaker.
— Aldo Petrucci, Principal, Hunter’s Glen Public School, TDSB